Calculator HubNet for TI-Navigator
To install Calculator HubNet for TI-Navigator™ take the following steps:
  1. Install and set up version 3.0 or higher of TI-Navigator for the TI-83/84 family of calculators.  (Note: Calculator HubNet support for the TI-73 Explorer family is coming soon.)
  2. Download and install NetLogo 4.0.2 from Northwestern University's Center for Connected Learning. If you follow the link above, a new browser window (or a new tab) will open, taking you to the download site.
  3. Download and run the Calculator HubNet for TI-Navigator installer by clicking the link.
At this point, a NetLogo shortcut icon will show up in the Activity Center and Other Networked Software group, on the Tools tab of TI-Navigator.  This shortcut icon is simply a convenient method of launching NetLogo 4.0.2.  Use this icon if you like, or you can also launch NetLogo 4.0.2 in any other standard way (e.g., from your computer's Start menu).

Finally, you need to prepare your students' calculators:
  1. Send the NavNLOGO app to all the calculators.  If you have chosen the default location for installation, this app will be found in your C:\Program Files\NetLogo 4.0.2\programs folder.
  2. Send the MOTION app to all the calculators, if you wish to use the Motion Activity.  This app is also in the C:\Program Files\NetLogo 4.0.2\programs folder.
At this point, your TI-Navigator system is ready to run any of the Calculator HubNet models that are included with this distribution.  To find out how to run one, take a look at the Running page. (Follow the "Running" link at the upper left of this page.)
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