Calculator HubNet for TI-Navigator
Welcome to Calculator HubNet for TI-Navigator™ presented by Inquire Learning!

We hope that you will find Calculator HubNet and the accompanying materials useful in your classroom! If you would like to be notified of future releases, or if you are interested in training and/or professional development on Calculator HubNet for TI-Navigator, please send an email to In your email, please indicate your name, your preferred method of communication, and any particular questions or areas of interest you might have.

This release owes its existence to the dedication and vision of many people over many years. The first prototypes of this system dated from the last millenium, and over the entire pre-release period a whole host of teachers, pilot users, advisors, and developers have given freely of their personal time and energy to make the product a reality.

We gratefully acknowledge all of these wonderful people. The full list of heroes is extremely long, but it seems absolutely necessary to mention a few who have made it possible to bring us the final steps of the way to this first release. In particular, Pat Milheron, Walter Stroup, Carolyn Remmler, Uri Wilensky, and Mark Fry. Without the coordinated efforts and distinctive contributions of all of these people, the National Science Foundation, and Texas Instruments, this product could never have been born. Thank you!
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